Yamaha Educator Suite: Building the Next Generation of Music Educators

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    Use E-Portfolios in Student Assessment

    Improve equity in assessment with e-portfolios that captures contextually rich digital evidence of student performance. 

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    Intentional Music Programming

    Finding "mini-opportunities" for students to perform is the main element of this Yamaha "40 Under 40" music educator's teaching philosophy. 

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    Things They Don't Tell You About Switching Jobs

    People change jobs for various reasons. Consider these things when pursuing or accepting a new job.       

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    Tips to Improve Your Recordings

    Recording performances has become standard practice for lessons and assessments. Try these tips to improve your recordings.  

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Adapting to Change

Change is constant. Dealing with it in the classroom means to evolve as an educator and a person.

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122 Tips for New Music Educators

The "40 Under 40" educators offer helpful tips to first-year music teachers.        

The Power of Oxygen

Boost your students' focus and performance with some fresh air. 

Basic Piano Technique

Try these expert tips to fix common errors that piano students make.   

Teach Your Students the Best Way to Oil Valves

Students should know how to properly oil piston valves to solve sticky valve problems. 

Case Study: A Performing Arts Academy Offers Individual Learning and Career Exploration

At Orange Lutheran High School in California, instrumental music students can pursue individual learning and career exploration. 

Trombonist Wycliffe Gordon Does it All

A true globetrotter, Wycliffe Gordon splits his time on a multitude of musical pursuits, including performing, composing, arranging and a dedication to educating the next generation of musicians.

Actor Erich Bergen

Letter to Myself: Anthony Maiello

Yamaha Master Educator Anthony Maiello looks back on his long career and offers sage advice to his younger self. 

10 Things to Know When Buying Front Ensemble Equipment

Do your research and make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing marimbas, vibraphones and other front ensemble instruments. 

How to Choose an Amplifier for Your Electric String Instrument

Are you new to electric strings? Answer these two questions to figure out which amplifier to get. 

Q&A with Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli

The superintendent of Dayton Public Schools shares her musical memories and why she fights for music education. 

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