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  • Mike Block's Musical Quest

    Cellist Mike Block’s output is staggeringly diverse,
    and he applies a high level of skill, commitment
    and efficiency into every style.

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  • Get ESSA Funds

    Try these six steps to get funding

    for a "well-rounded education."

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Budget for Success

Many variables – including unknown elements – must be balanced in order to create a sound financial plan.

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Work Together

Jauvon Gilliam and Eric Shin share their thoughts about each other as educators, musicians and friends.

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People and patience are the keys to successfully launch and sustain a mariachi program.

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Ensemble Leaders

Performing in small groups can lead to musical growth and leadership capabilities.

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Deconstructing Mallets: Find the Best Mallets for Your Percussion Section

Understanding the differet parts of a mallet will help you make the smartest selections for your percussion section.

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Q&A with Actor Erich Bergen

"Jersey Boys" and "Madam Secretary" actor Erich Bergen has a compelling passion and energy for music education. 

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Make a Plan: 8 Ways to Maximize Rehearsal Time

Fit these eight recommendations into every rehearsal and you'll be amazed at how much can be accomplished during a 45-minute class.

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Trombonist Wycliffe Gordon Does it All

A true globetrotter, Wycliffe Gordon splits his time on a multitude of musical pursuits, including performing, composing, arranging and a dedication to educating the next generation of musicians.

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Letter to Myself: Anthony Maiello

Yamaha Master Educator Anthony Maiello looks back on his long career and offers sage advice to his younger self. 

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Become a United Sound Chapter

With a few simple steps, you can start down the road of becoming a United Sound Chapter.

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Advice from Yamaha Master Educators Kevin Sedatole and Gary Lewis

Focus your efforts on the things that only music educators can do -- the music.

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