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    How to Read Your School Report Card

    Seek an understanding of your entire school and community by reviewing your school's accountability report.

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  • Popular Music Education Curriculum

    At St. Michael's Catholic Academy in Texas, a forward-thinking curriculum transformed the music program and school. 

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  • male student playing the clarinet

    Clarinet Teaching Tips

    Try these expert tips on fixing common errors that clarinet students make. 

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    Grant Writing: A 3-Step Game Plan

    How do you start applying for grants? Try these tactics that worked for an Iowa school district.

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torso of female music conductor with baton in right hand

40 Under 40 Educators

Celebrate excellence in music education with the inaugural class of "40 Under 40" educators! 

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open notebook with the word "funding" at the top with a drawing of a lightbulb and dollar signs beneath it

Funding Resource Roundup

Check out these resources to help navigate the various grant and funding opportunities available. 

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Aaron Tindall with two tuba and euphonium students

10 Rules of Play

Tubist Aaron Tindall builds his pedagogy around creating consistency in these 10 areas.

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$1 bills

Finding Funding

Try this band director's three tips to take advantage of funding opportunities. 

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Denis DiBlasio smiling and holding bari saxophone

Denis DiBlasio: Jazz Saxophonist, Music Educator and Storyteller

Denis DiBlasio's life in jazz and teaching has been full of improvisation, invention and reinvention.

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female orchestra director in front of class

Case Study: A Las Vegas Middle School Orchestra's Remarkable Success

Despite having no prior strings experience, an orchestra director has taken a program at a Las Vegas middle school to major achievements. 

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female conductor in front of full orchestra performing on stage

Use Creativity to Make Rehearsals More Meaningful

Capture your students' attention with consistency as well as some sparks of ingenuity.

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sportscaster Al Bernstein standing beside boxing ring

Q&A with Sportscaster Al Bernstein

Known as the "voice of boxing" and as an inductee into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, Al Bernstein is also a singer! Find out how this sportscaster started this side gig.

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silhouette of a young male standing on top of a rock with his hands above his hands

Develop Student Leaders

A leadership curriculum will create a culture of excellence in your music program, make a difference in your students' lives and enrich your own.

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woman playing violin outdoors

My String Instrument is Making a Weird Sound -- What is It?

Quick ways to diagnose and fix vibration and buzzing on violins, violas and cellos.

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students in the United Sound program

The United Sound Method for Private Lesson Teachers

Private lessons teachers can apply United Sound techniques to promote inclusion in their programs by having student leaders act as peer mentors to special needs music students.

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