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  • Forney High School marching band with Micah Diffee, a trumpet player in a wheelchair

    See Beyond Disabilities

    Two disabled students presented unique opportunities to excel for the entire marching band a Forney High School in Texas.

  • letter tiles that spell out "who are you"

    Your Teacher Identity

    As your career progresses, you'll go through several stages that might include imitation, experimentation, doubt and actualization.

  • In this Rural Town, Band is Family

    In rural Pierz, Minnesota, the high school band director promotes a family atmosphere to grow and sustain his music program.  

  • orchestra performing on stage

    The Honor Band Experience

    A highlight for student musicians is to be selected to be part of an honor band. Here's what they can expect.

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New School, Ideal Program

Opening a school is a great opportunity to create the ideal music program for the community you’re about to serve.   

Sight Reading Success

Incorporate sight reading into daily practice and foster skills for a lifetime of musical success.

Bass Drum Tips

Try these expert tips on fixing common errors that bass drum  students make. 

5 Ways to Stay Positive

Don’t get bogged down in negativity. Instead, keep moving toward your goals.

Black Violin rehearsing

Black Violin Dares Students to Dream Big

Black Violin received encouragement and untold opportunities as they developed their musical skills. Now they want to pay it forward to a new generation of violinists.

Case Study: Giving Voice to Middle School Choir Students

A middle school choir teacher builds a classroom community as she promotes self-esteem and self-discovery.

Q&A with U.S. Representative Mark Amodei

Congressman Mark Amodei shares his music-making memories as a public school student in northern Nevada. 

Electric String Ensemble Checklist

Interested in adding an electric string ensemble to your music program? Here's what you'll need to get started. 

Teaching Musicality to Percussionists

Try this four-step process to help percussion students communicate expressively through music. 

The Importance of Saxophone Mouthpieces

With the right mouthpiece, students will likely experience far better results in response, tuning, articulation and tonal-dynamic control.

Letter to Myself: Kevin Ford

Yamaha Master Educator Kevin Ford encourages his younger self to be patient in all aspects of his career as a music educator. 

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