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    Prioritize the Right Things

    How do you prioritize the smart way? Set some boundaries, properly manage workload and determe what is essential. 

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    Piano Pedaling Teaching Tips

    Fix these common pedaling mistakes that piano students make.   

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    Be Marketable!

    To adapt to any situation, you must understand the importance of personal branding, social marketing and the interview process. 

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    Unique Performing Arts Opportunities

    At Orange Lutheran High School in California, instrumental music students can pursue individual learning and career exploration. 

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6 Ways to Overcome Overwhelm

Even the most flexible music educators can feel overwhelmed. Here are some ways to feel confident, even in the face of swirling change.

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Festival Etiquette

Proper appearance and demeanor on stage and in the audience make a powerful statement about your ensemble during formal performances.

Allen Vizzutti playing the trumpet

Networking is the Key

Making connections is key for musical success, according to trumpet master, Allen Vizzutti.

orchestra director pointing to music for strings students

First-Year Tips for Orchestra Directors

Orchestra directors should try these tips during their first year of teaching. Tip #5 will surprise you. 

Black Violin in recording studio

Black Violin Dares Students to Dream Big

Black Violin received encouragement and untold opportunities as they developed their musical skills. Now they want to pay it forward to a new generation of violinists.

O'Fallon band on stage at Carnegie Hall

Case Study: Reinventing a Music Program

At O'Fallon Township High School in Illinois, the band director goes above and beyond the call of duty to give students access to music at all levels.

low brass section performing

4 Tips to a Stronger Low Saxophone Section

Move the needle forward with your low saxophone section with these four tips. 

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Teaching Musicality to Percussionists

Try this four-step process to help percussion students communicate expressively through music. 

Yamaha Master Educator Marguerite Wilder

Q&A with Yamaha Master Educator Marguerite Wilder

Seeing students' "aha moments" when they connect with music is what drives Yamaha Master Educator Marguerite Wilder to fight for music education. 

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Develop Student Leaders

A leadership curriculum will create a culture of excellence in your music program, make a difference in your students' lives and enrich your own.

Yamaha Master Educator Richard Floyd

Letter to Myself: Richard Floyd

Yamaha Master Educator Richard Floyd pens a letter to his younger self, sharing advice, anecdotes and inspiration for a fulfilling career in music education. 

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