Yamaha Educator Suite: Building the Next Generation of Music Educators

  • male music teacher sitting outdoors and reading

    Survive as a Quieter Music Educator

    They may be rarer in the field, but introverted music teachers do exist — and can thrive professionally.  

  • teacher showing students how to properly clean instruments

    Prolong the Life of Your Instruments

    With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can add years to the life of your winds and percussion instruments. 

  • woman shaking hands with one of three interviewers

    Questions to Ask Potential Employers

    You’ll be asked a battery of questions during an interview, but remember that it’s essential for you to ask questions, too.      

  • man sitting in front of laptop and throwing papers into the air

    An Organization System Made Specifically for Music Teachers

    A music educator created a software program to help keep track of instruments, uniforms, finances and more.  

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open laptop with the words "Just Start" on screen

Bring Plans, Not Problems

Keep open lines of communication with administrators to ensure that they are aware of your program's plans, goals and needs.

Build Diversity in Your Repertoire

Try these five ways to build more diversity in your repertoire.

Create a Happiness Playlist

A curated song list can help manage anxiety and depression.

Snare Drum Basics

Try these expert tips on fixing common errors that snare drum students make.

close up of someone playing the Venova

The Venova: Game Changer for Elementary School Students

This innovative instrument is much more than a curiosity. It will change teaching winds at the elementary level.

teacher and two students building stage set

Case Study: Use Personal Values to Juggle a Heavy Workload

See how one music educator has mastered the art of juggling his heavy workload by relying on his personal values. 

Julie Hill playing the drums

Percussionist Julie Hill Brings the World Home

After traveling the world and immersing herself in varied styles of music, Julie Hill returned to her roots in Tennessee to make percussion music more accessible for students of all backgrounds.

Actor Erich Bergen

Q&A with Actor Erich Bergen

"Jersey Boys" and "Madam Secretary" actor Erich Bergen has a compelling passion and energy for music education. 

screenshot of Dorico notation software

Quick Start Guide to Dorico

Notation software is a great tool and resource for music educators. Try out the capabilities of Dorico's updated software. 

drum line students

Off-Season Care and Maintenance for Percussion Instruments

Keep up maintenance and care of your percussion equipment after every season to ensure that it remains in top shape.

Richard Floyd conducting

Letter to Myself: Richard Floyd

Yamaha Master Educator Richard Floyd pens a letter to his younger self, sharing advice, anecdotes and inspiration for a fulfilling career in music education. 

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