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  • woman with hand out with the word "no" written on palm

    It's OK to Say “No”

    Your time is valuable, so set boundaries and learn to say "no." 

  • choir members on stage wearing masks

    Rural Realities

    Teaching in a rural setting has its own set of challenges. Follow these tips from a 2021 Yamaha "40 Under 40" educator to succeed! 

  • drum set setup with microphones for recording

    Tips to Improve Your Recordings

    Recording performances for feedback has become standard practice. Try these tips to improve your recordings.     

  • marching band in uniform marching in parade

    Uniforms Do's and Don'ts

    Picking out new uniforms for your marching band can be an overwhelming task. Here are some uniform do’s and don’ts.      

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close up of musician playing snare drum rolls

Tips to Play Snare Drum Rolls

Try these expert tips on fixing common errors students make when performing snare drum rolls. 

piano with music book on music stand

Be an Effective Private Music Instructor

Try these tips to save time and reduce stress during your first year of teaching. 

"think outside of the box" written on chalkboard

Use Lunchtime to Work Together

Use the lunch period to maximize students' time for rehearsals and planning. 

Sean Jones holding trumpet

Encourage Professionalism

Teach your students that professionalism is as important as musical skills. 

closeup of two men shaking hands

Collaboration is Key for K-12 Alignment

When you develop alignment across disciplines, buildings and age groups in K-12 music programs, keep these considerations in mind. 

Christian Howes playing the violin

Christian Howes: Versatile Violin Virtuoso

Classically trained violinist Christian Howes breaks free of genre conventions to practice and teach creativity. 

silhouette of male student standing with arms raised

Develop Student Leaders

A leadership curriculum will create a culture of excellence in your music program, make a difference in your students' lives and enrich your own.

male playing the Venova

The Venova: Game Changer for Elementary School Students

This innovative instrument is much more than a curiosity. It will change teaching winds at the elementary level.

Yamaha Master Educator Jeff Grogan conducting

Letter to Myself: Jeffrey Grogan

Yamaha Master Educator Jeffrey Grogan encourages his younger self to inspire his students and pass along his love of music.

percussion section practicing

Case Study: A Music Program Succeeds in the Inner City

A band director took risks and overcame the odds at Rancho High School in Las Vegas, turning a declining program into one of the most successful in Nevada.

U.S. Congressman Mark Amodei

Q&A with U.S. Representative Mark Amodei

Congressman Mark Amodei shares his music-making memories as a public school student in northern Nevada. 

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