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    Nominate a Music Educator Today!

    Nominations for the 2022 Yamaha "40 Under 40" is open! We will recognize and celebrate 40 music educators under the age of 40.  

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  • choir students using solfege hand signs

    Giving Voice to Choir Students

    A middle school choir teacher builds a classroom community as she promotes self-esteem and self-discovery.

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  • percussionist holding drum sticks over snare drum

    Snare Drum Rolls Teaching Tips

    Try these expert tips on fixing common errors students make when performing snare drum rolls.

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  • music teacher and young students holding hand bells

    7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Teaching

    Here are tips on how to deal with seven situations, which will save time and reduce stress during your first year of teaching. 

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putting oil in trumpet valve

The Best Way to Oil Valves

Students should know how to properly oil piston valves to solve sticky valve problems.

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remote learning with female student watching teacher on computer screen

Online Resources

Check out this list of resources, free lesson plans and more to help music educators.   

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marching band on field

Build a Program from Scratch

A band director's clear vision helped him build a successful  program at a new high school.

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Jeff Coffin speaking to auditorium of students

Words of Wisdom

Jeff Coffin draws on his life experiences to help music educators be better teachers.

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man sitting in front of open laptop and throwing papers in the air

I Created an Organization System for Music Directors

A music educator created a software program to help keep track of instruments, uniforms, finances and more. 

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Dorico music notation program on computer screen

Quick Start Guide to Dorico

Notation software is a great tool and resource for music educators. Try out the capabilities of Dorico's updated software.

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Kenneth Tse playing the saxophone

Kenneth Tse: Master of the Saxophone

While growing up in Hong Kong, Kenneth Tse relied on his inner drive and unyielding love of music. Since then he has risen to international prominence in the saxophone world.

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music stand holding music sheets at back of stage, looking out at rest of the stage and the empty concert hall

Leadership Opportunities with First Concerts

Give older students a chance to lead during the first performance of the school year.

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Summer camp percussionists practicing on stage

Case Study: Summer Percussion Camp in Fort Worth

An army of volunteers and community partnerships transform Bass Performance Hall, an opulent opera house, into a tuition-free classroom for a summer percussion camp.

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violinists feet next to pedals and other electronic equipment

Electric Strings: The Power of Plugging In

Plug in and use pedals to add effects like digital delay, reverb and pitch shifter to your electric strings.

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sportscaster Al Bernstein standing next to boxing ring

Q&A with Sportscaster Al Bernstein

Known as the "voice of boxing" and as an inductee into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, Al Bernstein is also a singer! Find out how this sportscaster started this side gig.

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