Ben Nussbaum is a freelance editor and writer who lives in Northern Virginia. Before he became a freelancer, he was the founding editor of the special projects division at USA Today. He has edited hundreds of magazine issues and written many books for children. One of his favorite possessions is a soprano Yamaha ukulele.

Flutist Mimi Stillman's Sweet Sounds

Flutist Mimi Stillman compares her role of managing the chamber music group Dolce Suono (“Sweet Sounds”) to running a small country.

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Mimi Stillman: Accomplished and Approachable

Mimi Stillman was only 12 years old when she started working toward her bachelor’s degree at the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia.

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Cellist Mike Block's Musical Quest

“The quest to explore different traditions from around the world outside of classical music has really felt like a quest to discover more about myself,” says Mike Block. 

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Mike Block Remembers the Hidden Meaning Behind a Lesson

Cellist Mike Block, an associate professor at Berklee College of Music, remembers a huge moment from when he was in college at the Cleveland Institute of Music

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Denis DiBlasio: Jazz Saxophonist, Music Educator and Storyteller

Denis DiBlasio is a natural improviser. He was about 10 years old when his music teacher wrote down a blues scale in F. 

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3 Improvisation Impediments and How to Fix Them

In Denis DiBlasio: Jazz Saxophonist, Music Educator and Storyteller, we learned about Denis DiBlasio's background as a jazz saxophonist and music educator.

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The Drive of Top Tubist Aaron Tindall

"I'm kind of hard-wired to do things at a pretty intense level," says Aaron Tindall. "In the low brass field, you just have to be relentless."  And Tindall expects the same passion from his students.

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Aaron Tindall’s “10 Rules of Play”

In the blog post, The Drive of Top Tubist Aaron Tindall, Tindall describes how he has high expectations for his students.

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