Don Stinson is the director of bands at Joliet Central High School in Joliet, Illinois, where he attended as a student. Stinson was recognized as a 2021 Yamaha "40 Under 40" music educator for his innovative efforts to grow the music program at Joliet.

Prioritization: Accentuate the Right Things

I once heard a music professor say, "if everything is accented, nothing is accented." We've all seen a 16-bar phrase of music with every note accented. When we play the ink precisely as it is written, the music sounds like the teacher from Charlie Brown — monotonous, boring and predictable.

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5 Time Burglars to Avoid

Time is a precious commodity. As music teachers, we not only have to protect classroom time, but we have to carve out a few minutes (or hours!) here and there to take care of our must-do, non-negotiable tasks.

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Dig Deeper: How to Read Your School Accountability Report Card

One of the most effective actions we can take as music teachers is to seek an understanding of our entire school and community and not just our music program.

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Case Study: Practice Not Required

Yes, you read the title of this article correctly — please proceed with caution because this topic may offend most music teachers.

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