Nicole Roberts is the city hall reporter for the News Tribune in Jefferson City, Missouri. She graduated from Missouri State University with a degree in print/internet journalism and a minor in psychology. Roberts has played the clarinet for more than 10 years.

Find a Mentor

An act of kindness can spark a decades-long mentor relationship. Dr. Reginald McDonald  remembers when Herb Cox, a former band director, stepped up to help him tune his middle school concert band.

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Case Study: Building a Band Program from Scratch

When Daniel Berard walked into his job interview at Fossil Ridge High School in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2004, he had a clear vision of how to start the band program from scratch. 

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5 Tips to Build a Band Program from Scratch

In the blog post, Case Study: Building a Band Program from Scratch, we learned how Daniel Berard built successful concert and marching bands at Fossil Ridge (Colorado) High School. Here is how he did it.

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