Dr. Stephen Pierce enjoys a multi-faceted career as a performer, teacher, presenter, clinician and scholar. He serves on the keyboard studies faculty at the University of Southern California and Interlochen Arts Camp, and teaches privately in Pasadena, California. He is also an academic ambassador and examiner for the Royal Conservatory of Music.

The Teacher’s Role in Developing Good Practice Habits

In “The Different Types of Practice,” I presented several practice types, which teachers must understand in order to help their students develop effective practice habits.

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12 Practice Tips, Suggestions and Strategies

We have looked at “The Different Types of Practice” and “The Teacher’s Role in Developing Good Practice Habits.” Now, I would like to share some practical guidelines that have benefitted my students in their development as performing pianists.

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The Different Types of Practice

In order to make progress on any musical instrument, or frankly to improve at any skill, a combination of discipline, hours of concentrated work and an effective set of practice strategies is required. All too often, students fail to make progress in their music studies due to a lack of utilizing productive practice habits.

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Fix It: Teaching Tips for Playing Even Scales on the Piano

Major and minor scales and arpeggios are some of the simplest and most useful music patterns and exercises available to pianists to build and maintain their technique.

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