Tyler Swick is an elementary music educator at Robert and Sandy Ellis Elementary School in Nevada. He was named a 2020 Heart of Education Award winner and a 2021 Yamaha "40 Under 40" music educator.

Fundraising Without Selling

Chances are high that either as a student or teacher, you've attempted to sell cookie dough, chocolate, wrapping paper, popcorn or coupon books in order to raise funds for your music program. As tasty or handy as these items are, have you ever felt like there must be another option?

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Equipment Wish List for the Adventurous Music Teacher

What’s on your wish list of school supplies? I’m talking beyond the basics like pencils and paper or more expensive items like a laminator or Cricut.

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Case Study: Using YouTube as a Teaching Tool

I created Swick’s Classroom, my YouTube channel, as a solution for a non-musical substitute during my four-week paternity leave in 2018.

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