Professional Development

Time as Money    Early in my professional life, I struggled with how to balance all the demands of my job and my family, including two small children, not to mention my personal interests and growth. 
Technique vs. Emotion   Early in my conducting career and marriage, my wife, Amanda, and I were talking to one of my colleagues about a major orchestral work. 
Don't Be Afraid to Ask I was teaching general music at a private middle school in Tampa, Florida. Shortly after I was hired, the headmaster informed me that it was traditional for the 8th grade class to do a musical in the spring. 
Begin with a Question   What has led to the greatest growth in my students and in my teaching was developing the mindset of a conceptual teacher.
Positive Working Relationships   One of the most important lessons I've learned during my career is the significance of positive working relationships. 
As educators, we can always glean new insights from the teaching practices in other countries. 
In Jeff Coffin: Professor Rock Star, we learn how Coffin draws his teaching techniques from his career as a soloist, leader and performer with several groups including Béla Fleck and the Flecktones and Dave Matthews Band. 
I worked in a music store for many years, and one of the most common requests we'd get from customers was help with picking a mouthpiece. 
After a long season of percussion activities, it's time for a much-needed break. Of course, this includes your percussion equipment. 
From Another Angle   The first time I ever participated in a conducting workshop, the clinician tried to get me to conduct the shape of a multi-bar phrase, rather than every single beat and note along the way. 

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