Professional Development

During an interview, you’ll be asked a battery of questions, but remember that it’s essential for you to ask the interview committee questions, too.
Interviewing for a job can be stressful, especially during the early years of your career. Below are some tips taken from my experiences as an interviewee and as an interviewer.
A good resume is the first step in landing a job interview. Below are some tips to improve your chances of standing out in a pile.
We’ve all seen it happen and have even felt it ourselves — that feeling in the pit of your stomach, the shakiness, the nerves. As directors, we have learned to live with performance anxiety, but what can we do to help our students deal with it?
In “The Different Types of Practice,” I presented several practice types, which teachers must understand in order to help their students develop effective practice habits.
When marching band season is over, it may be time to consider refreshing your ensemble’s concert black. After all, the first thing judges see at band festival is your students' appearance.
We have looked at “The Different Types of Practice” and “The Teacher’s Role in Developing Good Practice Habits.” Now, I would like to share some practical guidelines that have benefitted my students in their development as performing pianists.
Every band director struggles to find strategies to bridge the gap between providing information to students and getting them to achieve the desired result. How do you get students to actually do what they have been told to do?
In order to make progress on any musical instrument, or frankly to improve at any skill, a combination of discipline, hours of concentrated work and an effective set of practice strategies is required. All too often, students fail to make progress in their music studies due to a lack of utilizing productive practice habits.
Starting a new job is exciting, but it’s also stressful! You must familiarize yourself with your new school and forge relationships with administrators, staff and fellow faculty members, not to mention your students, parents and the community. Then there’s concerts, competitions, lesson plans, assessments — the list is long.

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