Texas Music Educators — Summer Conferences 2020


Welcome! We are thrilled to join the Texas Bandmasters Association (TBA), the Texas Choral Directors Association (TCDA) and the Texas Orchestra Directors Association (TODA) in presenting their 2020 virtual conventions. Combined, these three organizations have served music educators in Texas for 195 years!

Texas’ approximately 5.5 million K-12 students are lucky to have access to music programs led by dedicated band, choral and orchestra directors like you. Thank you!

Yamaha is an active advocate for music education. We want to empower music educators and help them strengthen their programs in any way we can. Join the Yamaha Educator newsletter for access to  advocacy, professional development, instruments, resources, partnerships in education and more.

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Professional Development Resources

In this video, advocating for your music program takes center stage. The video features Chris Manners, Yamaha District Manager for the Texas Region's  School Service Division, and Dr. Dave Gerhart, Yamaha Assistant Segment Marketing Manager of Education. They refer to Dave's article, "Bring Administrators Plans, Not Problems" on the Yamaha Educator Suite blog site.      

Through the Yamaha Educator Suite blog site and SupportED magazine, Yamaha reaches thousands of educators with professional development tips, advice and resources. Here is a sampling of our top professional development articles:


TBA Product Showcases

The Bari Saxophone: The Bari Your Ensemble Needs


The Silent Brass: Practice Anytime, Anywhere


Harmony Director (HD200): The All-In-One Rehearsal Tool

New Yamaha Concert Chimes 


New Yamaha Vibraphone 


EAD10 Acoustic Drumset Mic



TCDA Product Showcases

 Harmony Director (HD200): The All-In-One Rehearsal Tool


Dorico YouTube Channel


Yamaha Audioversity: Music Education and Live Streaming Can Sound Good!


Soundiron Olympus Choir Micro (New Features in Dorico 3)



TODA Product Showcases

Silent Bass (SLB300): Electric Upright Bass Reinvented


YVN Model 3 Violin: The Most Innovative Student Violin

9 Strategies to Combat Burnout
Bring Administrators Plans, Not Problems

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